You can hear some music interpretation by Gilson Antunes on this websites:

-Soundcloud (full Marcus Siqueira Album for hearing):

-Discos do Brasil (Some examples from the Album"Obras Para Violão de Américo Jacomino Canhoto" for hearing):



CD Music for Guitar By Young Brazilian Composers (2000). Recorded in the very same day Gilson Antunes have completed 28 years old (march 16th, 2000) and in the 3 next days in a roll, this was one of the first CDs (the first one?) recorded in Brazil to have all the compositions dedicated to the same guitarist. All the composers - but two - were less than 30 years old at the time of the recording. Gilson Antunes thinks this CD was one of the best achievements of his carrer, and he is very proud of it until today. The CD was released in late april 2000.

The CD is free to download. All tracks in excellent quality, 320 kbps. Enjoy it!


CD Obras para Violão de Américo Jacomino "Canhoto" (2002)
Recorded in 12 hours, in the very same night in GTR Studio, Mairiporã, this is maybe the most famous Gilson Antunes recording to date. It was released in march 2003, after a help from his brother Alden Antunes, who sponsored the 1000 copies to be sold. Gilson Antunes made one more edition of the CD, after all the 1000 first copies have been sold in little more than just one year. 
This CD helped to divulgate the name of Américo Jacomino for the new generations of guitarists and music lovers. 

The CD is free to download. All tracks in excellent quality, 320 kbps for you. Enjoy it!

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